SNEEKERMEER 800 select


Four-person touring cruiser, 8 meters long, and extremely suitable for the Frisian waters.

One of our tourships is the Sneekermeer.

It's a steel boat and 8 m. long. Because of its draught these boats are optimal for the Frisian waters, and sailing on the IJsselmeer is also possible. The Sneekermeer 800 has a standing height of 1,80 m. and the galley has all the equipment a four-person crew needs.

 A toilet,  a 12 V  navigation system and
 inboard lighting are also fitted on the boat.
 This boat have a roll foresail , (and    reefing   mainsail)  onboard.

Sneekermeer 800 Select

The Sneekermeer 800 Select is equipped with
a 7,4 kW (10 hp) Bukh Diesel engine. The cabin is divided into two cabins and again for those sometimes chilly periods, the Select has a space heater.  
This Sneekermeer is as fully equipped as you would expect at Foekema’s Watersportbedrijf.



Length 8.00 m
Beam 2.45 m
Draught 1.05 m
Total sail 24.0 m2

Sneekermeer 800 (Select)