The Hurley 800 is a timeless and comfortable polyester cabin sailing-yacht which is suitable for 5 persons. 
The boat is easy to sail because every halyard can be controlled within the save barrel. This ship is good to sail by a small crew. To increase the control ease and safety there is a rolling reef genua installed and you can reef the mainsail from within the barrel.

The sprayhood will take care of the shelter against wind and possible overcoming water. For navigation you will find, among other things, a compass, electronic fathometer and log. To bridge situations with no wind and to safely moor in the harbour there is a 8,1 kW (11 hp)
2 cylinders diesel engine installed. 

The ship is easy to manoeuvre.

In the cabin and the separated
fore-part of the ship you will encounter a standing height of
1,83 m



 Hurley 830 Comfort

The complete equipped caboose with the two-burner gas-ring, ice-box/fridge, the kitchen equipment for 5 persons,

...the separated toilet with wash-bowl, hanging-cupboard and for the chilly moments the space heating will together assure you from having a nice time on these ships..




Length  8.30 m
Width  2.75 m
Draught  1.25 m
Mastheight  11.50 m
Mainsail area  15.5 m2
Genua  17.0 m2





Hurley 830

Hurley 830 Comfort